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Remedium Health Technologies is a comprehensive, end-to-end healthcare software technology company providing solutions to all the stakeholders in the healthcare service delivery ecosystem. As an integrated healthcare IT solutions provider, Remedium aims to provide laser focused solutions based on cutting-edge technology in the areas of Physicians' Practice, Hospital Information Management, Hospital ERP and Telemedicine technology framework to service the existing and emerging healthcare organizations across India, Middle East, South East Asia and Africa.

Remedium's software solutions are built on future-proof technologies to ensure modularity, scalability, user friendliness, advanced analytics and flexible integration. Remedium has a knowledge empowered management team with domain and technology expertise supported by distinguished healthcare practitioners on advisory committee.

Remedium's suite of stable, reliable, tested and trusted technology solutions address the needs of individual Physicians, Diagnostic Laboratories, Radiology Centers, Small, Medium and Large Specialty and General Hospitals, ERP integration for Large Hospitals; as well as provide end-to-end Telemedicine technology framework for Telehealthcare, PACS & Teleradiology.

About Remedium medical technologies

Remedium medical Technologies is a part of Remedium, with expertise in procuring and integrating medical devices with focus on empowering medical professionals and institutions that treat cardiac, gynecology, pediatric and critical care patients. The company is dedicated to providing best of breed medical technology devices for diagnostic purposes sourced from trusted manufacturers across the globe, thereby contributing to successful outcomes in healthcare services delivery.

Remedium has an evolved expertise in identifying medical devices from reliable sources as per the specifications provided by the customers; evaluating their suitability for the customers' applications; developing the necessary software and integration solutions for the same[ and, assist in procuring thus identified medical devices at prices needed by the customers. The company has medical technology personnel for providing technical evaluations, as well as, the necessary equipment for performing quality assurance studies of the systems.

Remedium has established strong relationships with many suppliers of medical devices across the globe to service its customers by providing right type of medical devices. Remedium also provides innovative advanced communication technology solutions for diagnosis, research & patient data transfer.

Remedium has unique business models to make it easy to acquire and deploy for usage for even small healthcare organizations.

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