Hub & Spoke Telemedicine

Partnership Model or Turnkey Solution to set-up Telemedicine Clinic Network

Hub-n-Spoke Telemedicine Solution from Remedium addresses a major business challenge faced by Hospitals. Generally, hospitals get their patients either through referral by their own in-house consultants or external doctors who refer patients to them for in-patient admissions. In addition to these two sources, apart from optional walk-in admissions, Hospitals do get patients being referred to by other hospitals or nursing homes who need specialized care for their patients. Most hospitals would like to have a larger geographical reach, and, economics of operation and other related constraints hamper such an expansion. In such a scenario, how can hospitals have their influence expand beyond their physical reach? This is where, Remedium Telemedicine offers a viable, practical and economical solution for setting up of Telemedicine outreach clinics in a Hub-n-Spoke model.

The Hub-n-spoke Telemedicine network envisages the outreach clinics as Telemedicine Centers equipped with Telemedicine enabled devices like Electronic Stethoscope, ECG, BP monitor, Glucose monitor and Pulse Oximeter etc., to measure the vitals and update the patient medical record with the same. The patient at the outreach Telemedicine clinic (Spoke) can consult with the specialist doctor at the Hub Hospital on the glitch-free video consulting platform available. The Specialist at the Hub can order laboratory tests or prescribe medicines without the patient having to go through the hassles of visiting the doctor at the hospital. This network can bring enormous satisfaction of engagement between the patient and the doctor.

Remedium Health Technologies would like to partner with Hospitals in different regions of India to set up Hub and Spoke Telemedicine Clinic Network. Alternatively, Remedium can also provide a complete Turnkey solution for Hospitals to set-up their own Telemedicine Clinic Network.

Hub-n-Spoke Telemedicine

  • Ideal for Hospitals (Hub) to set-up outreach Clinics (Spoke)
  • Outreach Telemedicine Centers Monitor vitals like Weight, Temperature, ECG, BP and Glucose
  • Electronic Medical Record availability anytime, anywhere for instant consultation
  • Highly satisfactory Patient-Consultant engagement model
  • Full-fledged video consultation platform whenever needed

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