Remedium Hospital Management Software - Surgery Process

Remedium Hospital Management Software solution is a well defined framework designed on patient-centric work flows integrating all the processes of a Hospital like Out-Patient Management, In-Patient Management, Emergency Department, Laboratory, Radiology, PACS, Pharmacy and all other allied support services like Diet, F&B, Blood Bank and administrative and Operational MIS, Reports and Dashboards. The Surgery Process consists of seamlessly integrated modules such as Emergency, In-Patient ADT, CSSD, Operation Theatre and Electronic Medical Record providing an efficient patient-centric framework taking care of all the processes associated with surgery.

Remedium Hospital Management Software - Surgery Process


In-Patient ADT

ADT Module forms the core of the in-patient treatment and monitoring functions. It tracks the movement of the patient when the patient




The ER and Day Care is a comprehensive module to handle the Emergency Room (ER) and Day Care functionalities. The Emergency Room being



Operation Theatre

Operation Theater Module facilitates the booking of a theatre for surgeries on OPD/IPD patients. The system enables theatre scheduling




The CSSD receives reusable equipment for sterilization. Items are exchanged depending upon the requirements. These sterilized items are



E-Medical Record

The EMR is a fully integrated knowledge repository that caters to Medical and Clinical Records of patients in the hospital. The system


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