Remedium Telemedicine Consultation Module

Doctor Consultation serves the entire process of medical consulting and diagnosis by accessing patient information, patient history and preliminary information or triage details of the patient. This module provides the Doctors, access to the patient's past visit details or Patient history and helps the Doctor in better decision making process. This module also helps in facilitating the nurses for capturing the patient’s preliminary information, vitals, patient medical history, habits, and risk & immunization details.

Video Consultation

The Consutation process between the patient at the Remote Telemedicine Clinic and the Provider Physician is always initiated by the Remote Telemedicine Clinic by sending an invite to the Doctor for a Video consultation with the remote patient. The consultation system very effectively mimics a physical consultation process with a glitch-free video consultation system provided at both the ends.

Multi-Specialist Consultation

Remote Telemedicine System has Video consultation platform as the core of the solution which creates the right kind of user experience during the consultation process. The consultation system has the ability to connect upto six physicians simultaneously for review of the Patient Medical record and offer medical advise. The telemedicine solution has provision to include even a patient attendant in the consultation process.

Remedium Remote Doctor Consultation - Features

  • Access to patient medical history with one click
  • Accessing patient triage/preliminary information details
  • Doctor assessment and diagnosis compliance with ICD – 10 Codes
  • Accessing the Patient appointment and prioritizing the schedule based on the case type and urgency

  • Provides on-line prescription
  • On-line counselling and request for Investigation / Lab Test
  • Alerta based on Drug Interaction, Allergies and Immunization
  • Generates Doctor's statistical reports
  • Facilitates Doctor's accounting

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