Remedium Hospital Management System - Admin Module

The Operations and Administration module permits the admin to set up various configurations and parameters including hospital organization, assignment of doctors, drugs list, and services offered, among other functions. Basically, it acts as a Master for the whole HIMS application. The user can provide all the with the help of customization and modification of Services required for administration of hospital. This is the main and important module for the users to load all the required details. This automates all the information related to hospital functions.


Quick and easy maintenance of operations and administration with alerts. Alerts pop-up when there is invalid login by users. These alerts are customizable and linked to this module defining user permissions and notifying users for right authentication. Alerts are generated for every user and this module has this definite feature of alerting admin for right usage and setting up of permissions for users.

Audit Trails

Audit trail is noted for all the users who are given permissions; but, administrator can see the track of all changes done in the system with the help of this feature of this module. Audit Trails are important and have the details of the auditing done on the system. This assists hospitals while doing auditing of records and to know the root cause of errors occurred.

Remedium Hospital Management System - Admin Module - Features

  • Define user roles and set permissions for efficient user control
  • Setting up security with Case-sensitive User names and passwords and Number of login attempts
  • Access to screens that the user is provided with rights
  • Viewing and Resetting of passwords
  • Password rules like alphanumeric, length of password etc.,
  • Some screens can be in View mode only when edit permissions are not available

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