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Remedium Physicians Practice Management Software is a fully integrated solution covering all the areas of an individual Physician or in a group practice. The Physicians’ Practice Management software provides an efficient framework for supporting the practice of Doctors to treat their patients anywhere any time. Individual Physicians do not have the institutional framework available to Physicians practising in large hospitals. Very often, the Physicians have to depend upon their patients bringing their previous medical records consisting of their illness, medication and diagnostic test details for providing efficient continuity of care. This can be a problem even with the revisits of the patients to the same doctor; and, this issue gets more complicated when the patients have a record of consultation with multiple doctors. Inability of the doctors to have access to the Medical record of the patients will force them to either conduct a detailed medical examination once again, or, rely upon patients’ memory for recollecting the details of their medication and other aspects of treatment being given. Both these processes could be quite time consuming, affecting the productivity of the Physician. Hence, capturing proper patient history consisting of the individual's past medical history, family history, Allergy record and past medication record will ensure efficient and safe patient care; and, a robust, reliable software technology framework for the same, providing unfettered access to the practising Doctor will go a long way in ensuring Quality care to the patients.

Remedium Practice Management Software provides an integrated software platform based on International and Indian EHR standards like ICD-10 which brings in standardisation to the Patient Health Record Storage and Retrieval. Remedium Physicians Practice Management Software provides efficient processes right from Patient Registration, Appointment, Billing, Quick Consultation, e-Prescription based on a large Drug information framework built in to the solution; and ordering of Lab / Radiology and allied services. Remedium Practice Management Software has a unique data capture methodology to ensure that physicians spend quality time on patient care rather than on capturing data. The whole solution is architected on Patient-Centric approach for providing an efficient end-to-end Solution for Doctors' Practice Management.

Integrated Patient Health Record

Remedium Physicians' Practice Management Software provides access to Comprehensive Patient EHR which can be accessed from anywhere, any time based on the Patient's Unique ID, Mobile Phone no., or Mail ID enabling the Doctor to provide medical support whenever needed, as long as the Doctor has access to the internet. As it is a cloud based system, the medical record stays-up-to-date always, as and when the patient consultation process is completed.

Available for use on SaaS Model

Remedium Physicians' Practice Management Software has been developed and hosted on cloud platform to make the solution accessible anywhere, any time. Also, in order to make the software available easily without too much investment, it is made affordable to everyone at a very reasonable monthly subscription charges, which even a newly practising Doctor will be able to afford. Additionally, the software has been designed to be easy to learn and it is extremely user friendly.

Remedium Physicians Practice Management Software - Features

  • Patient Appointment booking on the web
  • Insurance management for Out-patients is enabled
  • Generate bills for all the out-patient consultations
  • Generate e-Prescriptions and Print the same with instructions for use
  • Generate and print orders for Laboratory and Diagnostic Tests
  • Refer the patients for cross-consultation with multiple doctors

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