Remedium Hospital - PACS and Radiology Information System (RIS)

Radiology Information System module manages the functions of Radiology and Imaging services. The module manages the maintenance of various results derived from diagnosis and reports the result to the concerned departments. Radiology Information System processes radiology orders, tracks the investigation status, records reports and does the integration of digital images. Radiology Information System module features the ease of using services like X-ray, Ultrasound, Scanning, etc with effective use of Radiological resources. The RIS module will store, manipulate and distribute patient radiological data and imagery. The system has the facility to track the patients, schedule, result reporting and image tracking capabilities. The system is easy-to-use by radiologists for easy and quick decision making and analysis of Radiology images of patients. It enables order acceptance and billing as it is integrated to OP Billing and IP Billing modules. It assists radiologists to get complete access to information and in generating reports. These reports and radiology images can be viewed in Electronic Medical Record and stored Patient Medical Records as well. It also lists all Radiology Services and assists technician in easy usage of system with its user-friendliness. It also provides radiologists e-signature on reports. It is an integrated Picture Archiving and Communication System through Digital Imaging and Communications in Medicine for easy retrieval of Images. The RIS records, stores, manages and accesses all varieties of multimedia content – from images to videos, and reports can be generated and sent to the concerned doctor. The module also has provision to attach images and radiology reports to the patient's medical records and facilitates simultaneous viewing of both. As the system is integrated with Remedium PACS system, it ensures easy storage and retrieval. The parameters of the image such as contrast etc., can be adjusted for maximum functional advantage.

PACS integration with RIS

Remedium RIS and PACS Module is integrated to PACS and DICOM for the easy transfer of radiology images across care continuum. It is efficient in picture viewing and storage and also useful for retrieving images from doctors and radiologists from anywhere and at any time. It generates quick turnaround time for reports and enhances user and patient satisfaction.

Radiology Service Scheduler

In the Remedium Radiology Information System, appointments are scheduled for examinations that are suggested by doctor. This is also integrated with Patient Registration and Appointments module. Even if the appointments are generated in the appointment module, this module has a scheduler just to schedule appointments of radiology examinations. It also schedules radiologists' timetable in a grid-type table. It ensures quick scheduling of radiology appointments, and radiologists and technicians tasks.

Remedium HIMS - PACS and Radiology Information System - Features

  • Order Acceptance, Patient Instruction for Examination, Result Entry and Verification of Results
  • Automated printing for Patient Instructions for the test on appointment confirmation
  • Security / Authorization accessibility of the patient results
  • Provides scheduling for appointments, examination registration, results reporting, entry of post examination information, and film tracking
  • Alerts for excess of normal dosages for specified time intervals
  • On-line location tracking for films

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