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Remedium Healthtech Referral Partnership Program is open to anybody who wants to start working together with us, but do not want to invest anything upfront. In this relationship, the partner gets a share of the realized revenues. This model of partnership is ideally suited for anyone with reach and contacts with Healthcare Enterprises, or Doctors in any capacity, who could generate qualified leads and pass on to Remedium for further harnessing the same and gain profitable revenue share through this arrangement. All that is needed from a Referral partner is to pass a positive lead and follow-through with all the phases until the closure of the order. Remedium will take care of all the necessary steps needed in nurturing the lead until it becomes a customer. Remedium has many exciting Revenue models to engage with customers of different sizes and diverse requirements, enabling the solutions, very easy to acquire. The incentives for engagement could be a one-time fees or, even staggered revenues across a few years depending upon the business model of engagement. It is possible to start as a referral partner and upgrade through the value chain all the way up to being an independent value partner, ensuring an in-built growth mechanism suited to an individual's inclination for growth.

Remedium Referral Partnership Advantages

  • Tested, Trusted Hospital Software and Telemedicine Solutions
  • Wide range of Products suitable to all customer segments
  • No financial investment - Only Revenues
  • International experience & proven Customer Base in India and overseas
  • Opportunity to upgrade to higher partnership model
  • You set your own pace of growth and revenues

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