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It is a matter of fact that, the current spend by Healthcare Organisations on implementing Hospital Management System Software Solutions in Urban, Tertiary Care Hospitals is less than 1% of the total cost of the project. This points to the low importance most of the organisations assign to IT implementation, which is very critical not only for efficient functioning of the hospital but also for providing good quality and safer patient-care. Additionally, even the Healthcare Software products are highly undervalued, and, the growth in this segment is at an inflection point. Telemedicine is the talk of the town with a great potential in both urban and rural settings. In order to be a part of this growth and to get a good share of the potential, we are seeking partnerships with committed Value Partners in the Indian and Global markets, to share our vision and mission of becoming a comprehensive Healthcare Technology solutions provider. With us, our partners are fully invested in each customer's success. Our partners will ensure that all our customers are equipped to take full advantage of the innovation and value that we deliver through our extensive experience in developing Healthcare IT products for international markets backed by future-proof technologies with world-class support infrastructure. We have built a number of Healthcare IT products of international quality and our partners have the unique opportunity to take these products to the customers looking for quality products, thus ensuring a continuous stream of revenues to our Valued Partners. Remedium offers a diverse range of business models making it easy for customers across all segments to acquire our software, ensuring a wide opportunity to our channel partners. Remedium has many different options for partnership to suit the growth requirement for each individual or organization.


Independent Partners

Remedium Independent Partnership is ideally suited for people with entrepreneurial streak who would like to partake in the exciting growth opportunity provided by the high-growth Healthcare IT Solutions market.



Channel Partners

If you are dealing with Biomedical Equipment sales and servicing; dealing with any other third party services to hospitals with deep client engagement, you could be ideally suited for the Channel Partnership offered



Referral Partners

Remedium Referral Partnership Program is open to anybody who wants to start working together with us, but does not want to invest anything upfront, and, generate revenues out of their contacts



Strategic Partners

Remedium Strategic Partnership is ideally suited for people who are already involved with any complimentary business aimed at Healthcare market, even with products similar to the ones of Remedium Healthtech


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