Remedium Laboratory Management Software

Remedium Laboratory Software Management System is a complete solution for Diagnostic centers / Pathology Laboratories to manage their work flows, interface with Lab Machines and also to enable them to directly receive on-line Test Orders from External Agencies such as Physicians, Hospitals etc., and to send Test Reports back to them. Remedium LIMS is designed to streamline the work flows, right from specimen accessioning through results reporting. The LIMS helps users to place requests into the system for proficient and collective analysis of patient’s specimens. The LIMS Module automates the investigation request and the process involved in delivering the results to the concerned department/doctor of the hospital. LIMS receives on-line request from the Doctors and allows Lab Personnel to generate a request. Sample Analysis results can be entered into system and facilitates for sample details such as pending, re-run samples etc.

The LIMS has provision to enter the details of rejected samples and creation of laboratory reports. This module assists in maintaining external laboratories list and also provides a comprehensive view of details of samples given to other laboratories. In today's demanding era of regulation and compliance, laboratory quality managers are called on to maintain strict standards and still maintain an efficient laboratory. The Remedium LIMS by virtue of it work flow approach and maturity as a product combined with its ease of use, ensures Quality and error-free performance of the Laboratory. The various Laboratory Disciplines Include Biochemistry, Immunology, Pathology, Hematology, Clinical Chemistry, Immunology and Molecular Biology Microbiology and Parasitology

Key Components of Laboratory Management Software


Patient Registration

Registration of patient assigns a unique Medical Record Number (MRN) for each patient. This facilitates patient related information



Out-Patient Billing

Outpatient Billing Module handles all kind of complex billing processes. It provides an end to end survey and facilitates patient transaction and




Laboratory Module is a complete solution for Diagnostic centers/ Pathology Laboratories to manage their workflows, interface with Lab



Stores & Inventory

Stores and Inventory Module deals with all the material supplies to Hospital like Hospital Equipment, Surgical Material, Consumables...



E-Medical Record

The EMR is a fully integrated knowledge repository that caters to Medical and clinical records of patients in the hospital.



MIS & Reports

MIS & Reports Module has been built with the objective of making available accurate and timely data that can give insights into the Hospital's


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