Remedium Hospital Management Software - Stores and Inventory

Remedium Hospital Management Software's Stores and Inventory Module deals with all the material supplies to Hospital like Hospital Equipment, Surgical Material, Consumables, Inventory Purchase and supplies to different Departments. General Stores and Inventory module deals with the Requisition, Distribution, Maintenance of stocks, Procurement, returns of Items to the suppliers, stock evaluation and forecasting. The Stores and Inventory Module automates the functions regarding Indents like order, issues and returns. It automates the sales management and purchase management by providing functionalities like request for quotation, Purchase order, purchase returns etc., to ensure seamless flow of information. This Module gives a comprehensive view on tracking of stocks. It generates goods receipt notes to verify the order quantity and received quantity and other details by generating a Goods Receipt Number (GRN). It automatically provides supplier names either through GRN number or material required. It is integrated to the Financial Accounting, Nursing, and Cashier etc., modules to manage business properly. The Inventory and Stores module seamlessly integrates material purchases, goods receipts, material issues and goods returns automating all the tasks and making the inventory operations efficient contributing to overall productivity of the Hospital.

Stock Movement Tracking

The inventory and stores module enables the movement of stock and record inventory transactions easily and comprehensively using good receipt notes, delivery notes, and stock transfer journals. All these stock movements are fully recorded and automated and maintained in stock registers. All the hospital other important modules are integrated so that nothing is missing from tracking of the stock. It maintains a hassle free process in the whole stores and stock movement process.

Purchase Order Automation

The Stores and Inventory Module automates the process of tracking of of the purchase orders to be invoiced. Pending order can be recalled in the data entry and multiple orders / vouchers can be selected for delivery / invoice. A list of reports like Pending Sales / Purchase Orders, Pending Delivery Orders and Pending sales Invoices are available to keep complete track of orders and deliveries. Blanket Purchase Orders and Manual Purchase Order processes are also automated. Hospital staff can be assured about orders as they can view all orders in the system.

Remedium Hospital Software - Inventory and Stores - Features

  • Materials are classified into 3 types Assets, Consumables and Pharmaceuticals
  • Automated Purchase Order based on the Reorder Level, Blanket Purchase Orders and Manual Purchase Order based on the preferences
  • Alerts for unavailability of stocks, and upcoming Expiry Dates
  • Stocks are maintained and dispatched Batch Wise
  • Departmental and Sub Store Requests through indents and store transfer request
  • Automatic conversion of Requisition request to Purchase Request
  • Request for Quotation to multiple Suppliers
  • Automatic creation of Purchase Order based on the selection of the preferred Supplier
  • Automatic Stock update after approval of the Goods Receipt Note
  • Option to track Gifts and Donation Stocks
  • Stock Return and Destruction Tracking
  • Ease of access and tagging of the materials based on the bar codes

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