Remedium Telemedicine Enabled Medical Devices

Remedium Telemedicine Remote Clinic Software is integrated to many different medical devices like electronic Stethoscope, ECG Recorder, Pulse Oximeter, Blood Pressure Monitor, Multiparameter Monitor which is an all-in-one medical device for testing ECG, BP, Pulse oximetry, and, also other medical devices like Whole blood glucose monitor, Fetal doppler and Electronic Thermometer. The Remote Telemedicine Clinic Software is flexible in design to integrate many other medical devices, depending upon the customer's need, as long as the devices have a facility to communicate with a computer. Remedium offers a standard configuration for the Remote Telemedicine Clinics which usually consist of a electronic Stethoscope, Non-Contact Thermometer, ECG device, BP monitor and Blood Glucose Monitor. Whenever customers have a requirement to either integrate additional medical devices on to the Telemedicine Clinic platform or substitute a standard provision medical device, the same can be taken up on a customized offer basis by Remedium and offered to the customer. Remedium is constantly upgrading the range and diversity of Telemed enabled Medical Devices in order to provide regularly updated version to the customers.

Telemedicine Enabled Medical Devices



Electronic Stethoscope is an audio visual auscultation device capable of displaying heart sounds in the form of waveforms with excellent adjustable audio capability. In addition to displaying heart sounds, this stethoscope also filters murmurs, displaying them separately allowing the medical professional to understand the nature of the anomaly. The electronic Stethoscope has an electronically adjustable BELL, DIA and LUNG modes making it convenient for the medical professional to use like a regular high end stethoscope. The device functions on a rechargeable lithium ion battery making it suitable for screening large numbers of patients.


ECG Device

The ECG is a 3/5/12 Channel ECG acquisition device which is enabled through Remedium Remote Telemedicine Clinic Software Platform. The ECG is acquired through a 10-second acquisition process. As the ECG device is telemedicine-enabled, it is possible to transmit the ECG to the Remote Consultation Provider through which the Doctor at the remote end can review the ECG and provide the required interpretation on-line. The ECG can be acquired and stored at the Remote Telemedicine Clinic, and, forwarded to the consultant physician at the remote end. The interpretation of the ECG can be stored as a part of the Electronic Medical Record.


Fetal Doppler

The Telemedicine enabled ultrasonic fetal doppler meets the fetus daily check requirement between routine examinations, mainly at home, clinic, community and hospital. The Fetal Doppler is connected to the Remote Telemedicine Clinic Software through USB or Bluetooth to acquire the Fetal Heart rate as a numeric digit or as a waveform through continuous acquisition. The fetal Doppler is Easy and convenient in operation producing high-fidelity, crystal clear sound, which can be heard through Earphone and speakers. The fetal Doppler acquires the Fetal heart rate data through a High sensitivity water-proof probe of Low ultrasound dosage. The device consists of a display with color and touch sensitive LCD screen. The data acquired can be stored as a part of the Electronic Medical Record of the Patient.


BP Monitor

The Remedium Remote Telemedicine Clinic Software is connected to an Electronic Sphygmomanometer (BP Monitor), with segment LCD. It can detect Non-invasive Blood Pressure accurately,and display measured results and store the same. The BP monitor gives a fully automatic blood pressure measurement and, when the environmental factors interfere with the recording, an appropriate error message is given. The BP monitor has an automatic power-off function, with the device shutting off automatically when not in use for more than 5 minutes. The BP monitor communicates with Remote Telemedicine Clinic software for data review and analysis of measured results like BP trend display and the same can be stored as part of the Electronic medical record of the patient.


Pulse Oximeter

The pulse oximeter is a device which can be connected through bluetooth or USB to Remedium Remote Telemedicine Clinic Software Platform. The Pulse Oximeter works on the principle of Photoelectric Oxyhemoglobin Inspection Technology in accordance with Capacity Pulse Scanning & Recording Technology. The pulse oximeter has backlight display with pulse rate sound indication with measured data overrun limits and low-voltage alarm function, and the upper and lower alarm range is adjustable. The Pulse oximeter device displays the oxygen saturation as a waveform as well as in a digital form as Oxygen Saturation percentage. The data acquired can be stored in a numeric form as a part of the medical record.


Glucose Monitor

Remedium Telemedicine enabled Glucose monitor provides convenient and accurate measurement of Glucose in whole blood. This device is based on on bio-sensor principle, using whole blood glucose to take a measurement, and its test strips adopt power analysis to oxidize and decompose blood to support a more accurate measurement for diabetics. The device utilizes capillary whole blood up to 1 uL of sample size and measures glucose in the range of 20 mG – 600 mG/dL. The results are read out quickly within 10 Seconds. The results are displayed in large font on an LCD screen and the results can be stored as a numeric figure in the Electronic Medical Record.



Remedium Remote Telemedicine Clinic Software is also integrated with a non-contact Thermometer to accurately record the patient's temperature and store the same in the Patient's Medical Record. The Digital Thermometer can record and store the temperature with a backlit display, and, transmit the temperature in digits through Bluetooth to the Telemedicine Clinic Software. The Thermometer also has provision for an alarm for high temperature to alert the Nurse or the Doctor.


Other Devices

Remedium Remote Telemedicine Clinic software has been designed with the flexibility to integrate many different medical devices like POCT devices, Spirometer, Multiparameter monitoring devices, Multipurpose examination camera, Otoscope, Laryngioscope etc. Remedium offers Remote Telemedicine Clinic Solution in a standard configuration and any modifications to the same with regards to integration of additional or alternate medical devices can be taken up as a project to customize the offerings to the customers.

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