Remedium Polyclinic Management Software

Remedium Polyclinic Management Software is a comprehensive solution for management of Poly Clinics & Daycare Centres, integrating all the features of a Doctor’s consultation with emphasis on work flows related to managing shared practice among multiple doctors. The Polyclinic Software provides an End-to-End process flow for patients appointment, registration, billing, consultation and creation of an Electronic Medical Record. The Polyclinic Management Software can be integrated with a Laboratory Management system as well as a Pharmacy, as and when needed in a modular fashion. Remedium PolyClinic Management solution delivers a powerful combination of Clinical expertise and advanced technology. It will help improve Clinical outcomes, patient safety and operational efficiency. The Polyclinic Management Software Solution automates information management at every point of patient care. Patient information is captured only once across all work flows and is clearly presented to authorised users. Remedium PolyClinic Management solution seamlessly integrates various processes such as Patient Registration, Appointment Scheduling, Billing, Doctor's consultation, Referral Consultations, e-Prescription and Orders for Laboratory/ Radiology & other services, that are required for efficient and productive functioning of the Polyclinic. Polyclinic Management Solution is very easy to learn and adapt by users and is supported by a strong MIS, Reports and Analytics framework for efficient business operations.

End-to-End Solution

Remedium Polyclinic Management Software delivers an efficient End-to-End platform for quality patient care. The module integrates all the elements like Patient Appointment, Patient Registration, Billing, Doctor's consultation, Creation and updation of electronic medical record and check-out. The software has provision to modularly integrate with other modules like Laboratory, Radiology and Pharmacy as and when needed. The software has provision for cross-referrals of patients to other consultants within the same network.

Anywhere, Anytime Practice

Remedium Polyclinic Management Software is designed for cloud hosting and hence, affords the convenience of accessing the Electronic medical records of the patients anywhere, anytime. Due to this flexibility, different doctors having independent practice can also combine together to have virtual polyclinic under the same banner with a centralized billing at only one location. This feature can enable doctors to have a common appointment scheduling and individual patient registration with specific doctors, with the patient's Electronic Medical Record being shared by all the practitioners as and when needed.

Poly clinic Management Software - Features

  • Easy to use and adapt as it mimics the Physician's practice habits.
  • Standards compliant to ICD-10 Codes
  • Can be integrated with Laboratory and pharmacy in a modular mode
  • Integrated billing module with multiple payment modes
  • Multiple Doctors can practice on the platform with cross-referrals
  • Available on Economical SaaS Model for usage

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