Remedium Telemedicine Applications

Remedium Telemedicine has been designed with the flexibility to provide the platform for many different kind of applications as needed by healthcare providers. Remedium is constantly upgrading the range and diversity of Telemedice applications in order to provide regularly more diverse range of applications to the customers to enable them provide enhanced patient care.

Remedium Telemedicine Application Spectrum


Maternal and Fetal Telemedicine

Remedium Telemedicine application for Maternal and Fetal care addresses one of the areas where Telemedicine has offered some of the greatest opportunities in Women's healthcare as in the areas of Pregnancy and Pre-natal care. While monitoring for pre-term labour is now considered routine in high-risk obstetrical patients in many countries, there is also scope for remote active monitoring of the fetus itself in high-risk patients.


Home Healthcare Telemedicine

Remedium Telemedicine application for Home Health Care addresses the intense combination of challenges Healthcare providers face in ensuring a better quality of life for the patients. Successful disease management focuses on patient education, while providers must reduce the cost of providing quality care for an increasing patient population with complex, chronic problems.


Remedium Telecardiology

Remedium Telecardiology solution is meant to monitor Cardiovascular diseases, which are fast emerging as one of the leading causes of death across the world. What used to be a problem restricted to old age, has started afflicting young and productive age groups also. Cardiac diseases are one of the major lifestyle disorders alongside Diabetes and Hypertension, and more often than not, they tend to affect together, increasing the morbidity rate in the diseased person.


Hub-n-Spoke Telemedicine

Hub-n-Spoke Telemedicine Solution from Remedium addresses a major business challenge faced by Hospitals. Generally, hospitals get their patients either through referral by their own in-house consultants or external doctors who refer patients to them for in-patient admissions. In addition to these two sources, apart from optional walk-in admissions, Hospitals do get patients being referred to by other hospitals or nursing homes who need specialized care for their patients.


Telemedicine for Lifestyle Diseases

Remedium Telemedicine for Lifestyle Diseases addresses the raging problem around the world in which diabetes, obesity and cardiovascular diseases are affecting the health and well-being of hundreds of millions of people. These diseases are no longer confined to the developed world as millions of people in developing countries are adopting a westernized lifestyle and are being affected by these diseases. Unhealthy living habits, sedentary lifestyle, stress and pollution are becoming major causes for lifestyle diseases.


Telemedicine for Preventive Care & Wellness

Remedium Telemedicine framework for Wellness and Preventive care envisages to provide healthcare monitoring solutions for individuals at home and at office by a unified electronic medical record and supported by consultation with a care giver through on-line video consultation platform. The service will be augmented by an on-line health information service provided by individual providers for the benefit of their subscribers. Remedium Telemedicine platform is ideally suited to deliver Wellness and Preventive Health care service through healthcare organizations to their subscribers.

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