Remedium Telecardiology Solution

Remedium Telecardiology solution is meant to monitor Cardiovascular diseases, which are fast emerging as one of the leading causes of death across the world. What used to be a problem restricted to old age, has started afflicting young and productive age groups also. Cardiac diseases are one of the major lifestyle disorders alongside Diabetes and Hypertension, and more often than not, they tend to affect together increasing the morbidity rate in the diseased person. Patients known to be at risk to cardiovascular diseases need regular monitoring which is quite possible using Remedium Telecardiology solution. Also, taking into account the prevalence of Cardiovascular diseases and the lack of availability of adequate number of specialist cardiologists to treat the same, Remedium Telecardiology presents a solution out of this problem.

Remedium Telecardiology clinics can be set-up as outreach clinics by Cardiologists or Hospitals specializing in Cardiac care; and, remote consultation can be provided to the patients using Remedium Telecardiology solution. The Remote Telecardiology Clinic is equipped with the Telemedicine Clinic software connected with Telemed enabled medical devices like BP monitor, ECG, Pulse Oximeter and Glucometer to take the vital parameters, which are updated in the electronic medical record available to the remote consulting cardiologist. The cardiologist can receive the ECG test results as store and forward file, or, if needed, he could even view the ECG recording as it is being acquired, and, report on the same. All the clinical and consultation data will be updated in the electronic medical record for future use. The Cardiologist can also offer an e-prescription of the drugs needed for the patient while he is performing on-line video consultation.

Telecardiology Solution

  • Monitoring of vitals like Temperature, BP and Glucose
  • Ideal for Cardiologists to remotely consult with patients
  • Electronic Medical Record availability anytime, anywhere for instant consultation
  • Builds confidence of patients as the Doctor is accessible whenever needed
  • Full-fledged video consultation platform whenever needed

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