Hospital Management System - Electronic Medical Record (EMR)

The Electronic Medical Record Module is a fully integrated knowledge repository that caters to Medical and clinical records of patients in the hospital. The system supports medical professionals of various departments of the hospital with relevant information like medical examinations, diagnoses, treatment histories, test results and so on. The module provides access to critical and complete patient data that leads to high-quality, cost-effective and efficient patient care. The EMR module is a compilation of patient information, billing, radiology, laboratory details, pharmacy etc. The EMR module is integrated with other modules like radiology, laboratory, billing etc., for smooth flow of information across care continuum. It captures both outpatient and inpatient details and gives an access to patient information in a single screen. This module is also customizable according to the user's requirements. It facilitates healthcare providers to make better decisions by communicating with all the doctors, nurse etc.. across the care continuum.

Clinical Process Documentation

Clinical rating scales enables users to generate, store, and possibly administer a variety of clinical rating scales or screening methods. The module has the ability to create and customize templates for doctor notes. The module also facilitates generation and maintenance of a problem/diagnosis list which is available for insertion into charts used for billing purposes etc.


All radiology and laboratory reports are also recorded in EMR. The EMR module has an in-built ability that automates additional documentation without any additional work or costs for creating special reports. This Module also facilitates to have reports along with images apart from the ability to modify and add customized metrics for physicians.

Hospital Management System - Electronic Medical Record (EMR) - Features

  • Patient Search with Various Search Strings
  • Patient Demographic Viewing
  • Previous Visit Details
  • Medical History of the Patient
  • Billing Details of Patient

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