Remedium Hospital - Out-Patient Billing Module

Remedium Hospital Management's Outpatient Billing Module handles all kind of complex billing processes. It provides an end to end survey and facilitates patient transaction and movement in the hospital premises for a particular episode. This is distinctly identified by a bill number and visit details for that particular Episode. This Module provides Credit Billing as well as Cash Billing which in turn can be integrated to Financial Accounting Module. Billing Module is extremely flexible and can be linked to multiple Tariff plans. Based on the configurationally setting and the plans selected the billing will be done automatically regardless of complexity of the plans. Billing Module is integrated with the Doctor Consultation where the Online Prescription can directly be converted into a single Invoice. Billing Module has the multiple credit plans and credit companies list. All consultation charges are available in system and automatically populated for selected consultation services

OP Invoice for Credit/Insurance Companies

Patient invoices are automatically generated whenever you make billing for insured patients, and automatically includes the accurate information as they are captured from other modules. Patient Invoice is for both Credit and Insurance patients. It facilitates on-line authorization with secured employee credentials. It also includes bulk invoice generation for patient with just one button by simplifying the complicated process. Selection of multiple invoices of same patient with same MRN number is enabled.

Credit Notes for Cash and Credit Patients

Credit Notes are generated for all patients such as Credit, Cash and Insurance patients so that they can know their complete hospital expenses, their own payments and the amount paid by their Credit/Insurance companies. This module is integrated to all other modules and when the Credit Note is printed, the information captured from other modules too is displayed. This module has this unique feature wherein it saves patients' and staff time in interpreting all the costs associated with the credit billing. Provision is given to include person authorizing the transaction and there is facility for on-line authorization with secured credentials.

Remedium Hospital - Out-Patient Billing Module - Features

  • Automatic posting of Consultation Charges based on the case type and visit type
  • Billing Type based on Patient Category (Cash / Credit / Corporate / Employees etc.)
  • Pre-Paid card facility for frequent and prospect customers
  • Due / Pending payment alerts while billing
  • Provision for multiple billing standards
  • Managing patient deposits
  • Handling the exclusion while doing the Credit Billing
  • Line Discount and Group Discount provision available with appropriate authorization
  • Package installments
  • Manage Doctor Accounting based on the Doctor Share Amount for the services
  • For any cancellation, provision for Credit Note with authorization is available
  • Adequate use of deposits during Bill Creation

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