Hospital Management System - Laboratory Module

The laboratory module of Remedium Hospital Management System is a complete solution for Diagnostic centers / Pathology Laboratories to manage their work flows, interface with Lab Machines and also to enable them to directly receive on-line Test Orders from External Agencies such as Physicians, Hospitals etc., and to send Test Reports back to them. Remedium LIMS is designed to seamlessly streamline the work flows, right from specimen accessioning through results reporting. The LIMS Module helps users to place requests into the system for proficient and collective analysis of patient’s specimens. The LIMS Module automates the investigation request and the process involved in delivering the results to the concerned department/doctor of the hospital. LIMS Module receive on-line request from the Doctors and allows Lab Personnel to generate a request. Sample Analysis results can be entered into system and facilitates for sample criteria details such as pending, re-run. It has provision to enter the details of rejected samples and creation of laboratory reports. This module assists in maintaining external laboratories list and also provides a comprehensive view of details of samples given to other laboratories. The various Laboratory Disciplines include Bio-Chemistry, Immunology, Pathology, Hematology, Clinical Chemistry, Immunology and Molecular Biology, Microbiology and Parasitology.

Barcode for Tracking

Remedium's Laboratory module is integrated with Barcode and RFID to track the samples movement across the hospital and outside too when samples are sent to external laboratory for testing. The lab module automates sample collection and management with minimal errors. The lab module enhances overall patient safety and satisfaction in addition to the quality of care provided by medical personnel. It reduces medical errors and also improves the quality maintenance of laboratory performance.

Integration with EMR

Remedium's Laboratory Module has access to MIS and is very essential in generating Test Results. This Module is integrated with the Patient Medical Record within a hospital setting and includes all the patient results and reports in EMR. Even for stand alone laboratories, it is possible to share patient information through EMR. This feature tracks each patient's laboratory sample and the test results obtained for the same.

Hospital Management System Laboratory Module - Features

  • Diagnosis and Investigation for lab request is carried out for both Inpatients, Outpatient and External Lab requests
  • Categorizing laboratory testing into panel and profile test
  • Sample – Acknowledgement for sample Rejection, reception and acceptance
  • Providing a structured work list for efficient management of resources and time
  • Investigation and result history
  • Remedial Alerts for collection, rejection, availability of results, etc.
  • Database of results and the reference ranges of the results for each common procedure
  • There is automatic validation of test results based on age/sex related reference range checks

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