Remedium Hospital Management System - OT Module

Remedium Hospital Management System's Operation Theatre Module facilitates the booking of a theatre for surgeries on OPD/IPD patients. The system enables theatre scheduling effectively to manage consultant's time depending on his/her OPD schedule and availability of all the equipment's necessary for the surgery. It facilitates with Pre-Operative checklist, Pre-Anaesthetic details, Post-Anaesthetic details sections for easy entry of all the necessary details. This module also aids in acquiring information on reception room, surgery procedures and recovery room. The OT Module has a feature of recording all the expenses of Operation Theatre during surgeries at one place. This Module provides the overall performance of the operating room through reports. It facilitates seamless exchange of data between the Nursing Stations and Operation Theatres. Surgeons, Nurses and Operation Theatre administrative staff can easily use this module for end-to-end Operation Theatre activities. The OT Module is integrated with Nursing Station, Billing, CSSD and other modules.

Standard Templates

OT Module includes all documentation templates for both Surgeons and OT Nurses. It provides different templates with the provision to enter and record notes related to various stages of surgery such as pre, intra and post-surgery. The user design of each template is user friendly and it follows the standard template format. This Module feature enables the healthcare providers to ensure quality care is provided to patients. It is useful for the auditing process of the operation theatre.

Surgical Reports

The OT Module also provides the facility to capture equipment preparation and theatre preparation for surgery. It generates planned resource requirements report based on scheduled operations well in advance. It not only provides statistics reports useful for quality control and infection control but also these revenue reports are used in maintaining the costs and revenue invested in only Operation Theater.

Remedium Hospital - OT Management - Features

  • OT Scheduling for specific surgeries and priority booking
  • Recording Operation Notes during surgery consisting of Vital Signs, BP, Pulse, IV Fluids, R.R., Drugs given and complication related events is available in the system
  • Recording of items issued and consumption details for accurate billing
  • Post-operative details such as Investigations, Recovery Conditions, Problems, Pain Management are recorded into the system
  • Pre-Operative checks like Pre-Anesthesia, Anesthesia type, Investigations required, Risk Assessment, and Pre-operative instructions are maintained in the system
  • Well organized work flow process and best allocation of resources
  • Automated calculation based on the complexity and tenure of operational process
  • Standard, comprehensive surgical documentation templates

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