Remedium Hospital Management System - CSSD Module

The Remedium Hospital Management System's Central Sterile Services Department's (CSSD) main function is to provide sterile items, equipment to wards and Operation Theatres. The CSSD receives reusable equipment for sterilization. Items are exchanged depending upon the requirements. These sterilized items are issued to wards / OTs as per the requisition received from their side. Items to be sterilized are received and stored by CSSD before they are sterilized and distributed to related departments such as wards, OPD, OT etc. Surgical tools and instruments, tools used for operation, syringes, catheters/tubes/other rubber goods, treatment sets etc., are sterilized by CSSD before and after use, wherever applicable. CSSD Module enables functions such as kit Creation, usage, scrap, returns, issues and sterile area receipts. This Module assists hospital in providing infection-free care to their patients. It deals with both the central unit and the peripheral units of CSSD department.

CSSD Item Inventory

CSSD module pre-defines all CSSD processes and maintains all the items processed in CSSD. It also predefines the sterilisation processes, instruments used and also its quantity etc. This module facilitates most of the processes like assembling and numbering of kits and numbering each instrument in the kit. This numbering makes it easier for hospital staff in reorganization and distribution of kits to the respective departments.

Integrated Module

It seamlessly integrates with the other departments such as Operation Theatre, Nursing Station etc. The CSSD receives orders electronically from various departments and assists hospital staff in issuing and returning of used instrument sets and individual items. It also views and tracks the movement of instruments to check for the misplacement of kits or instruments.

Remedium Hospital Management - CSSD Module - Features

  • The system enables maintenance of all the items in CSSD
  • Tracks requests from various departments for items
  • The system issues the items to the required departments
  • Tracking of the issued items
  • The system takes care of the stock register
  • Maintenance of cleaning, disinfection and sterilization records by CSSD module

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