Remedium HMS - In-Patient - Admission, Discharge and Transfer (ADT) Module

Remedium Hospital Management System’s ADT Module forms the core of the in-patient treatment and monitoring functions. It tracks the movement of the patient when the patient is admitted in a ward, transferred to another ward, room, OT or ICU; and, discharged from the hospital. Hence, the ADT module covers the end-to-end functionality associated with the Patient right from the time of admission, through the length of stay until discharge, providing easy overview of all the clinical and administrative processes performed on the patient. The ADT module also aids in Ward and Nursing Station Management, automating the day-to-day administrative activities and providing instant access to other modules, which leads to a better quality of patient care. It provides comprehensive data pertaining to admission of Patients, Ward & Nursing Management, allocation of beds, collection of advance, planned admission, emergency admission and managing Credit Companies. The ADT Module also handles Bed Transfers, Discharge Notification, IP Discharges, Medico Legal Cases, Doctor Transfers and also New Born Baby care. The Inpatient ADT module also deals with Ward and Bed Management, based on the availability of Beds. In-patient ADT also captures the transfer from and transfer to details for a quick view of empty beds. The In-Patient ADT Module has a powerful Bed Board Management feature to plan the availability of beds in advance to monitor and manage patient admissions. The system also facilitates Discharge Notification creation for initiating patient’s discharge process, and enables easy representation of Active and Discharged patients through color coded icons. The Clinical Care team will never lose sight of the patient due to the in-built mechanism for tracking of patients from anywhere within a Healthcare Service Organization.

Discharge Process Automation

The ADT module automates the various steps of the discharge process including patient credit history, service billing and diet plan generation etc. This feature is crucial in attaining a high level of effective operational efficiency for a hospital. It helps in generating more revenue per bed. Automated discharge notification is also generated by this module.

Automated Billing Calculations

All the costs associated with bed and its charges including transferred bed charges are calculated automatically. Automation of timings and also the charges are invoiced in Billing Module as it will be integrated to this module. This makes everything easier for Cashiers and staff in calculating the bed charges of each individual patient.

Remedium HIMS - ADT Management - Features

  • Creation of a unique Inpatient Record Number with a linkage to the Patient MRN
  • All transaction for a particular episode will be linked to a particular IP Number
  • Managing multiple admissions based on admission types like Package Patient, Credit Patient, Cash Paying Patient, Multiple Tariffs etc.,
  • Bed and Ward Management
  • Admission request from Doctor Consultation
  • New Born admission with a linkage to Mother's IP
  • Bed Transfer Statistics
  • Provision to hold a a Bed while a patient is transferred for Operational Procedures or ICU or to any other wards
  • Automated calculation of bed charges based on the Transferred beds and timing
  • Expected Date and Time for Discharge
  • Doctor Transfer Details
  • Maintaining Multiple Account for the Patient if the patient is linked to multiple credit companies

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