Remedium Hospital Management - Biomedical Equipment Maintenance

The Biomedical Engineering Department module keeps track of the details of the Biomedical equipment installed. This module also handles complaints and service details of different equipment. This module interacts with the central stores module for equipment receipt. Medical Equipment Management includes the business processes used in interaction and oversight of the medical equipment involved in the diagnosis, treatment, and monitoring of patients. The related policies and procedures govern activities from the selection and acquisition through to the incoming inspection, acceptance, maintenance, and eventual retirement and disposal of medical equipment. The medical equipment management professionals' purpose is to ensure that equipment used in patient care is operational, safe, and properly configured to meet the mission of the medical treatment facility.

Planned Preventive Maintenance

The Biomedical equipment maintenance module is powerful and user-friendly and is designed to take care of preventive maintenance of valuable equipment. It has an impact on the overall maintenance of equipment by preventing the errors that could occur over a period of time due to continuous usage. This is possible with the reviewing of orders and scheduling reminders for servicing of equipment. It enables the hospital staff to be alert to the future emerging problems that could occur to the equipment, and, enables efficient planning to prevent disruptions of the usage of equipment.

Monitor Equipment Movement

This Module tracks the movement of medical equipment like the ultrasound scan, portable ECG, Laboratory auto analysers, refrigerators etc., for audit purpose. It also tracks the movement of equipment in hospitals and monitors constantly the usage of equipment. It enables tracking of the movement of assets and equipment through RFID tags that are on the devices. It prevent theft of costly equipment through this feature.

Remedium HIMS - Biomedical Equipment Maintenance - Features

  • Maintenance details are captured, whether by in house personnel or external agency
  • Schedules consists of the Unit Part Number and serial number, Location of equipment, Types of Maintenance, Preventive Maintenance/ Over Haul/Break down, Shop load date, Shop release time, Spares required, Man Hours Required, Men required etc.
  • Project Management – Projected, completed or Under Progress
  • Project Quality Testing
  • System regulates and monitors the correct flow of items for service
  • System monitors the schedules and the progress of maintenance
  • System helps in costing of the maintenance activity depending on the material consumed, hours spent and the wages paid

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