Remedium Hospital Management System - Diet and F&B Module

Remedium Hospital Management System’s Diet and F&B Module manages the food culture followed in the organization for maintaining good health of the patient. Proper nutrition requires the proper ingestion and equally importantly, the absorption of vitamins, minerals, and food energy in the form of carbohydrates, proteins and fats. Dietary habits and choices play a significant role in health and mortality, and play a role in religion and different cultures. The Diet, F&B Module assists the dietician in advising diet as per the instructions provided by the physician to the patient. The module also facilitates the scheduling of patient diet as per the diet menu provided. It provides a dietary summary, diet plan, pantry menu and performs canteen billing. It is integrated with billing, nursing station modules and interacts with other dependent modules in the Hospital Management System.

Patient Diet Calorie Count

The Diet and F&B Module enables the whole calorie count of the food suggested by dietician along with their nutritional facts. It drives the in-take of the food suggested by dietician. This makes dietician's work easy as they can know the diet information suggested by them to the patients, which helps in proper planning of nutrition aiding in the recovery process of the patients.

Ward Distribution Chart

Remedium Hospital Management System's Diet, F&B Module automates the information of food distribution to the wards in a single screen. It automatically assists kitchen staff and support staff to know the status of the tracking of the everyday meals of the patient of every ward. The screen can be customized to help the wards in tracking the lag time of the meals reaching the patients.

Remedium Hospital Management System - Diet and F&B Module - Features

  • Allows the user to create Food Group and Food Items
  • Daily consumption statistical report
  • Preparation of daily menu
  • Control management of inventory
  • Materials are issued from the sub-stores for daily usage
  • Maintain the diet chart of the patient

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