Remedium Hospital Management System - Finance Management

Remedium Hospital Management System's Financial Accounting Module deals with Cash & Bank, Receipts & Payments, Journal Voucher and General Ledger etc. Books like Cash book, Bank book and Ledger book can be generated. The Financial Accounting Screens provide the details regarding Accounts Payable, Accounts Receivable and General Ledger. The Financial Management Module facilitates the activities related to IP, OP, Bank related activities and provides information related to Supplier Invoices and keeps track of the Accounts Receivable and Revenue related activities. Many different types of services covered by the sponsor companies, Insurance Agencies, Family Accounts, Individual Accounts, sponsorship details of the patient, Health Care Insurance etc., are recorded in the system. The Financial Management Module functions as the nerve center for the Financial Administration of the Healthcare Organization. Many types of reports can be generated from the Financial Management module which interacts with all the revenue related functions and operations of the Hospital to provide timely, accurate reports for the hospital management to take effective decisions.

Generate Customized Reports

The Financial Management Module can generate various reports. Trail Balance, Balance Sheet and Profit and Loss statements forms are predefined in the system and they are automatically generated. The risks of errors occurring in accounting is solved by this module as it automates all those functions.

Integration with Billing Modules

Financial Management Module keeps a record of all transactions by integrating with other modules in Hospital Management System. It automatically and effectively manages the money management in the hospital. It complies with all the regulations defined by the hospital and also manages expenses of the internal stakeholders of the hospital by integrating with the Payroll module. The module enables quick decision making by considering all elements related to the financial management.

Remedium HIMS - Financial Management - Features

  • All revenue entries are transferred automatically from billing module
  • Mere entry of the expense vouchers completes accounts all the way up to balance sheet
  • Option for the users to maintain all costs related to operations
  • Consultants' Revenue Share and other related Information readily available
  • Provides Department wise income detail
  • Organize Key reports with statistical details

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