Remedium Hospital Management System - Housekeeping Module

Housekeeping module provides the facility to manage and monitor the housekeeping activities in a hospital. It facilitates management of day to day housekeeping activities like patient room preparation, sweeping/mopping floors, dusting furniture, cleaning fixtures/ walls / windows / ceilings / bathrooms, etc. It enables monitoring of activities like the clean status of Wards/Departments, any major maintenance activities carried out by engineering services and daily waste disposal activities. It supports maintenance of sub-store inventory (i.e. inventory of toiletries and other cleaning material). It also caters to receipts and issue of material. It integrates with ADT module. Housekeeping module also keeps track of cleanliness of certain types of equipment, tables and other Surfaces. The various housekeeping tasks can be planned, assigned and tracked in the module. When Hospital Beds are released for Housekeeping after the discharge of the patient, those beds are posted for housekeeping, which can be kept track of through bed board management and such beds are not allocated to the next patients till the Housekeeping Department releases them after making the beds available. The House keeping module is very well integrated with the other modules of Remedium Hospital Management System.

Housekeeping Tasks Scheduler

The Housekeeping module in Remedium Hospital Management System facilitates scheduling of housekeeping tasks to manage day to day housekeeping activities like patient room cleaning, sweeping, mopping floors, dusting, cleaning fixtures, walls, windows, ceilings and bathrooms etc. This feature alerts the housekeeping staff to tasks at hand; and, brings an ultimate patient satisfaction due to maintenance of cleanliness of the hospital premises.

Generates Work list

As soon as there is an order from different departments for cleaning, admin generates a customizable work check list for each and every employee of housekeeping department to make them aware of the activities that should be done by them. These check lists are generated daily or on weekly basis. These check lists improve the efficiency of the house keeping staff by making them aware of their tasks.

Remedium HMS - Housekeeping Module - Features

  • Allocation of work
  • Monitoring the completion of the work
  • Reporting of pending tasks
  • Creation of the task planner based on task list and location
  • Maintain the Employee Roster

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