Remedium HMS - In-Patient Billing Module

The Remedium Hospital Management System’s In-Patient Billing Module covers all types of billing including Package Billing, Multiple Credit Company accounts, Separate as well as integrated billing for New Born along with the Mother’s bill. The IP Billing Module enables Service booking, Interim Billing and Package Allocation. The IP Billing module is tightly integrated with all the functions of the hospital Finance and facilitates creation of IP Invoices, IP Credit and Debit notes to provide accuracy in billing. Automatic posting of charges on a daily basis like Bed charges, Nursing Care charges, Doctor Visit Charges, etc. Billing Module can also be integrated with different Financial Accounting Modules. The In-Patient billing Module is extremely flexible for different tariffs. The IP Billing showcases the collections from Credit companies and due collections. This module has Invoices generation and record of modifications done to bills with proper authorization. IP Billing module provides functionality to make admission deposit amounts. It shares information required on billing with other modules like financial management, cashier etc., which are integrated to the same.

Manage Multiple Credit Accounts

This module can handle the credit billing with the organizations that are associated with hospital. The credit limits and credit period provided can be monitored as per the terms of the contract entered by organization and hospital. This module automates reports of Accounts Receivable for organization at any point of time helping in the overall accounting process.

Monitor Patient Bill Limits

This module has interim billing feature which is generated to check deposits and also the limit of amount in deposit account of the patient. It also invoices for a discharged case if billing date is identical to, or occurs after the discharge date. The case is assigned the Interim billed billing status. It is also generated for absent cases by taking the absence start date.

Hospital Management System - In-Patient Billing Module-Features

  • Billing based on Bed Category and Tariff for the patient.
  • Based on the inclusions and exclusions defined for a package, the system automatically separates the package amount and the patient payable amount
  • Allocating the services under a fixed billing like package billing
  • Pre-Booking for Investigation, Lab Procedures or Radiological procedures
  • Creation of Dispatch Notes for Credit Companies for single or multiple patients
  • Credit Company Collection based on Dispatch Notes or all pending Invoices or for selected Invoices

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