Remedium Hospital Management System - MIS & Reports

Remedium Hospital Management’s MIS & Reports Module has been built with the objective of making available accurate and timely data that can give insights into the Hospital’s operations for achieving operational efficiency and optimal use of resources. In order to achieve this objective, Remedium Hospital Management System has designed various reports for the Operations and Administrative Team enabling them to analyse & improve operational efficiency and also contribute to the business of the Hospital. Remedium Hospital Management System has an extensive MIS & Reports module built into the Solution. The solution has been designed with a patient-centric work flow based approach to capture all the necessary data required for creating reliable Operational, Financial and Clinical Reports. Remedium Hospital Management's Financial MIS & Reports module offers accurate and timely reports that are needed by the Finance Department to analyze and improve the Financial Efficiency of the Hospital. The MIS Reports are available in a graphical form for an easy representation and understanding of the mission critical data of the Hospital.

Graphical Presentation of Reports

This module facilitates with real time access of data. It has an enormous effect on managing information and visualizing information and providing it in graphs that supports quick decision making. It is also user-friendly and can quickly understand whole complex numbers by seeing them in graphical chart depiction. These graphs are produced by analyzing the data. It is user-friendly in nature and assists management by making them more efficient through the decision support provided.

Option to view in different formats

This Module has a feature for generating reports in required format for viewing. They can also be printed by opening them in any format. The reports can be viewed and printed both in Text and graphs format. This module allows printing reports in various formats, sizes, fields and output methods. This ultimately helps in hospital operations.

Remedium Hospital Management - MIS & Reports - Features

  • Many types of ready made report formats available
  • Customization of Reports available
  • Reports are available for different functions like Operations and Finance
  • MIS available as needed by different stakeholders in hospitals
  • Centre-wise reports are available for a multi-centre Hospital
  • Department-wise reports available across the Hospital

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