Remedium Hospital Management System - Nursing Station

Remedium Hospital Management’s Nursing Management has features like Duty Roster for the Nurses, their day-to-day activities. The Nursing Station Module helps the Nurses to manage the routine task for better and improved Patient Care. The Nursing Station solution also assists in monitoring of patient condition through SOAP notes of the attending doctor. The Nursing Station module provides separate sections for Neonatal, Obstetric and Neurological charts. The nursing station software aids in the preparation of Patient’s Discharge Summary. The software also captures details of nursing assessment done by nurses. The nursing station software provides comprehensive view of total beds occupied with patient details, and, provides vacant bed details too. The complete Hospital, or, an individual Ward can be monitored through the nursing station. The software has provision to note Special Instructions for treatment of a particular patient. This Module has provision to enter drug administration information according to the care plan given by doctor in the case sheet and prescriptions. The software employs color codes for easy representation of Drug Plan and administration. It is possible to have comprehensive view of Indents that are entered and observed by Nurses through this module. This module is integrated to Housekeeping, Laboratory, Radiology, IP Billing, Pharmacy and General Stores modules for easy billing and operational efficiency delivering better quality of patient care.

Nursing Chart

Nursing chart has the details of patient's details, diagnosis, admitting physician etc. It also generates alerts, so that nurse can provide better care to patients on medications and IV orders, lab/ radiology tests, procedures and vitals orders that are due or delayed. This shows information on whether the Lab/ Radiology tests are conducted, results are released and if there are any abnormal results. These are all categorized by Patient IP Number. It gives statistics and reports.

Patient Condition Monitoring

Nurse can capture multiple SOAP assessment plan (Subjective, Objective, Assessment and Plan) which is important and vital in doctor plan of care. This feature has role in patient condition monitoring. Each and every patient is monitored separately through this assessment provided by Doctor and which can be easily retrieved by Nurse. It Improves workload functionality for the Nurses.

Remedium Hospital Management System - Nursing Station - Features

  • Ability to order Ward Stock medications, sterile items, general items, laboratory tests, radiology examinations, procedures, maintenance work orders, and dietary requests etc.
  • Orders can be assigned a priority flag – normal, urgent or emergency
  • Facility to send a discharge request/intimation to the ADT module with the expected time of the discharge
  • Patient discharge summary can be generated and additional data such as home medication, post discharge instructions to patient can be recorded
  • Fully integrated with other system modules like Medical records, Billing, Pharmacy, Laboratory, Radiology, ADT and Operation Theater
  • Detailed Nursing Assessment – Continuous and timely monitoring of Functional Fall Risk, Elimination Details and Skin / Oral & Skin assessment
  • Doctor Visit Monitoring for keeping a track of doctor visits and better doctor accounting based on the doctor charges
  • Special Instruction can be categorized into Diet, Drugs, Physiotherapy and others.
  • Set the alert timing for the special instruction. Provision to set multiple alerts.
  • Order Booking – for Lab Test, Operation Booking, Radiological Tests, etc.
  • Creation of Discharge Notification and creation of Discharge Summary for the patient
  • On-line Drug Prescription, Drug Plan and Administration
  • Intake and Output Chart
  • Neo Natal information can be charted
  • Administers the Diabetic Chart, Neurological Observation Chart, and Obstetric Record for the Patient.
  • Clinical Data Integration from all the disciplines can be retrieved, viewed and analyzed by nursing staff

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