Remedium Hospital Management System - Patient Portal

The Remedium Hospital Management System's Patient Portal provides enhanced and qualitative services to patients on demand. A patient can use his unique identifier, his MRN, to login to the Patient Portal to avail its services. The Patient Portal is useful for patient's to book appointment and access their reports from anywhere. It has customizations for different features and connects providers and patients through an integrated platform. The Patient Portal streamlines the data flow of all centers of the hospital. It also makes available, medical prescriptions ordered by the consulting doctor to the patient. The patients can receive messages and emails through patient portal. The Patient Portal is integrated to EMR, Doctor Consultation and other modules. The Patient Portal also provides useful health tips which are updated daily.

Multiple Devices Access

Remedium Hospital Management's Patient Portal is a secure online portal where it is compatible to system, tablet and mobile devices. It can be downloaded as app in mobile devices. It is user-friendly and can be opened in any device without restriction. It is a web based tool and has the options like viewing, downloading patient reports. This ultimately enables them to get access to online health tips

Easy Access to Patient Information

Patient Portal ensures availability of patient information anytime, anywhere. It is a secured web application and the link can be accessed from any browser using internet connection. The information provided in Patient Portal is not just limited to medications but patient reports are also available. It is just like a patient engagement tool that enhances the patient and doctor relationship.

Remedium Patient Portal - Features

  • Access through authorized MRN identifier only
  • Ability to view the medical record provided by the hospital
  • Highest level of security for sensitive medical data
  • Patients can access their Diagnostic reports from anywhere
  • Intuitive and easy to use
  • Provides a platform for enabling medical education

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