Remedium Hospital Software Support System

Remedium subscribes to the view that, in order to provide a great user experience which does not hamper the smooth business operations of the customers,they must be provided with the right products, which are reliable and robust, designed and developed on a strong technology framework which should enable on-demand support and service to the customers for an efficient business operation. Remedium has experience of servicing many clients overseas in different geographies and has developed a very robust framework which supports its philosophy of providing "Then and There" support and service to the customers as and when they need, in situ, on the spot based on the needs of the customers. The support and service ecosystem is quite mature to eliminate the need for personnel intervention, with almost all the support needs fulfilled remotely, giving assurance to the customers that their business will never suffer due to lack of adequate support. The technology framework also enables on-line, on-demand updates of the software and fixing any issues that might arise while using the system by customers. The Support and service system of Remedium also provides option to the customers to choose the level of service support needed, from minimal to intensive hand-holding based approach. In tune with Remedium's philosophy of providing flexible, robust and reliable support environment attuned to customers needs and demands, Remedium Software Support and Service system delivers excellence in support to augment the quality of patient care by Healthcare Organizations.

Remedium Hospital Software Support System - Advantages

  • Established, Robust, Reliable Platform
  • in situ, Then and There service support
  • Provides remote support for on-premise installations also
  • Streamlined, effective customer support framework
  • Experienced in supporting International clients
  • Easy to train the support staff at customer end also

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