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Remedium firmly believes in the synergy among the four key components - Products, Technology, Support and People, to provide a delightful customer experience of using the products to optimize their effective use in providing quality patient care. While adapting the right technology for providing a robust framework for products and service support, it is very critical to have the right kind of people to complement the effective products and technology. Remedium has experienced professionals in the areas of healthcare services and technology to understand the perspective of the customers when it comes to designing solutions to address the customers' needs. The people at Remedium have in-depth knowledge about the healthcare organizations' business dynamics due to the collective strength of more than a few hundred man years of expertise in all areas of healthcare IT delivery, providing the cutting edge needed to design solutions for customers in anticipation of their met and unmet needs. Remedium's core professionals have designed and delivered Telemedicine solutions to highly reputed international clients. Remedium, as an organization has laser focus on healthcare IT and Telemedicine solutions due to the wide ranging industry vertical experience both in Indian as well as International markets.

Remedium Telemedicine - People Advantages

  • Professionals with experience in Healthcare IT and Telemedicine segments
  • Wide experience in designing and delivering Telemedicine products for Local and International Clients
  • Experience in Indian and International markets servicing healthcare vertical
  • International experience & proven Customer Base in India and overseas
  • Laser focus on Healthcare It products
  • Synergistic IT design system for effective solution delivery

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