Remedium Telemedicine Products

Remedium Telemedicine products have been consciously designed and developed to make available products to address the needs of all the stakeholders in the healthcare delivery ecosystem. The products are suitable for different market segments like Rural, Semi-urban and Urban healthcare markets. Remedium Telemedicine Products are suitable for Physicians, Specialist Doctors and Small to Large Hospitals. The products are designed to suit the needs of different types of healthcare entities. Remedium also offers a solution for Radiology integrated with PACS for Teleradiology applications, which can be used in an independent Radiology Service Center or integrated with a Hospital Management Software. For Hospitals interested in running their own private telemedicine network, Remedium also offers a turnkey consultancy on Build, Operate and Transfer (BOT) Mode. By virtue of its product offerings to all the stakeholders of the healthcare delivery value chain, Remedium stands by its customers through their growth journey across the value spectrum of Healthcare Service Delivery Pyramid.

Remedium Telemedicine Products - Advantages

  • Tested, Trusted Telemedicine Solutions
  • Wide range of Products suitable to all customer segments
  • Products suitable right from independent Physicians to Multi-specialty Hospitals
  • Built-in modularity to facilitate component addition based on enterprise need
  • Seamless integration into existing Hospitals' framework
  • All the products are constantly upgraded to be up-to-date always

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