Remedium Telemedicine - Doctor's Consultation

Doctor Consultation serves the entire process of medical consulting and diagnosis process for the patient at the remote telemedicine Clinic. The consultation process is initiated by a Video consultation session between the Remote Telemedicine Clinic and the consulting physician. This module assists the doctor for appropriate and improved diagnosis decision by accessing patient information, patient history, and preliminary information or triage details of the patient. This module provides the Doctors access to the patient past visit details or Patient history and helps the Doctor in better decision making process. This module also helps in facilitating the nurses for capturing the patient’s preliminary information, vitals, patient medical history, habits, and risk & immunization details for the patients. The physician can record the patient symptoms, diagnosis and suggest treatment plans through an e-prescription for monitoring the patient's progress.

Reminders to Physicians

Remidium Telemedicine Software's Doctor's Consultation module has a robust, reliable reminder or alert system to inform the Doctor about the pending tasks the Doctor needs to attend to, and, unless they are cleared, the alert system will not stay silent. However busy the Doctor may be, he would not ever have to worry about missing on any important tasks which will have an impact on the quality of Patient care delivered by him.

Alerts for Pending Reports

Remedium Telemedicine Software's Doctor consultation module takes into account the busy practice of the Doctor and keeps track of all the tests ordered by him. Hence, whenever the results arrive, the Physician is alerted about the pending report for verification of the same. The system keeps track of the many tests ordered by the Doctors and arrival of the reports and promptly follows-up with the Doctor to have the results verified, thus ensuring appropriate level of care needed for each and every patient.

Remedium Telemedicine - Doctor's Consultation - Features

  • Access to patient medical history with one click
  • Accessing patient triage/preliminary information details
  • Consultation through on-line Video Consultation framework
  • Doctor assessment and diagnosis compliant with ICD – 10 Codes
  • Multiple Doctor consultations on the patient
  • Accessing the Patient appointment and prioritizing the schedule based on the case type and urgency

  • Provides on-line prescription
  • On-line counseling and request for Investigations & Lab Tests
  • Alert based on Drug Interaction, Allergies and Immunization
  • Ability for Generic Drug search and Drug Interaction for better and effective Drug prescription
  • Generates Doctor's statistical reports
  • Facilitates Doctor's accounting

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